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Offering the finest eyelash extension, skin care & body treatment spa services in Southern California.  Every treatment is individualized and customized. We promise to offer nothing or the best.


Ivy Wang  

On her way to becoming a Microblading(semi-permanent)/Eyelash Extension/Waxing/skin care artist, IVY fell in love with aestheticism work. She especially adores brows: “Having them in a beautiful shape makes a huge difference. You could have no makeup on whatsoever and just rock a great brow shape and everything is splendid!” IVY’s favorite part of her job is seeing her clients walk away happy. “Whether I have 15 minutes with you or an hour... I really enjoy making people feel comfortable and good in their own session,” she smiles.

Jessica Liang

Jessica is one of the most talented eyelash extensions technicians we've seen. We said 'Hired!' the moment we saw her perform for the first time when we went talent hunting . Butterfly Beauty made offer she couldn't refuse' and the rest is history! Jessica has been full-time eyelash technician for 4 years with certificates . She prides herself in making clients feel pampered, relaxed and enhances their individual natural beauty.

Ping He

 He is a male expert with eyelash extension,and volume 3D. He is gentleman. All of eyelash extension lover clients love his works,he is always booked by full each work shift.

Kim Zhang

As a great aestheticism,she is good at Eyelash Extension,Waxing , Skin Care.She is Mandarin Speaker lady,and she has all the patient with beauty art industry.She is trying all her best for her works and nice to all her client. Remind! she is good at all beauty skills since she was in China.

Jing Zhang

Cute lady with glass, all of beauty services she could handle it well,waxing finish quick and great,and she got a lot of compliments. The facials she give a relax and best result for it to our clients,and she got rebook it again. She will analysis skin problem,and improve skin method into facial in order to get best result of facial.Oh, She knows eyelash extensions too, and she is been doing about 4 years. She is a expert of Beauty.

Ice Tan

She is little cutie. All she is interested  is  Eyelash extension,she is good at doing eyelash extension all the time. She has a lot of patient about eyelash extension. She is the one expert with massage. All of her coworker have to book with her each week for massage service,Yes,We do need relax too for next service. Expert for Eyelash extension and massage ,book it with her now.




Established in 2013.

skincare, lash extensions, waxing, Sugaring, lash Perm and Tinting,Slimming program

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