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Safety all of you and Us

"To our value customers , so excited to announce re-opening on June-30th. Online booking is now available for future appointments. There will be guide-line safety measures to ensure health and safety of our clients. Thank you for your love and support and Looking forward to see you all soon... . . . Here are what to expect from Butterfly Beauty during Covid-19 times. 1. Covid-19 consent form are require (available on website or studio ) 2. Upon arrival please wait outside till instructed to enter. 3. Please sanitize hands before enter the studio. 4. Mask must be worn inside . 5. Temperature will be taken on each client. 6. Touch less payment are preferred ( Venmo or ZELLE or PayPal ) 7. No additional guest . 8. Please refraining from visiting our studio, if you or anyone in your home has been sick or exposed to Covid-19.Please your purse in your car due to mins contamination with virus inside studio.10.Please NO cellphone use during entire procedures or only check out time for payment .11 . Any coughing or fever 100.30'F will be send home without any liability. The way we do , try to protect our client and staff less contaminated with covid-19 .Stay healthy is first priority now. "----Butterfly Beauty&Wellness Center has right to refuse anyone.Please lets go through this hard time.Thank you.

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