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All our facial includes skin analysis, Steam & Deep Cleansing, Exfoliation, Custom Blended mask & Massage (Face, Neck, Shoulder, also included hands and arms). We touch up with organic serum, moistrizer, and sun protection to protect your skin for the rest of the day. Our goal is to provide the facial service that unique just for you.


Multi - Vitamin Rejuvenating Facial                                   $60


European Facial:                                                                   $75 

Anti-wrinkle, sensitive, hydrating, whitening, pimple treatment


Chemical Peel                                                                       $75 


Hydro-Lifting Treatment                                                     $75 


Acne Treatment                                                                    $78 


Deep Clean Facial                                                                 $85


Slim Face, Lifting Treatment                                               $85 


Vitamin A&C Lifting Treatment                                           $85


Ultrasonic Whitening & Moisturizing                                 $90


Multi-ware Lighting Therapy System (LED Light)           $90


RF -2010 Mesotherapy Facial Reshaping Treatment     $90


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