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Our eyelash extension advantage:

- same lenght in one lenght;

- no kink at tip;

- the lash is easy removable from the transferstripe

- the lash have no residue from the glue of the transferstripe

- the lashes donot stick together after removing from the transferstripe

- the transferstripe is real good stick on the second layer of the paperstripe

Application Tips


1. Before applying  charming eyelash,first,clean the eyelash and eyelid still they are oil free.

2. Separate the eyelash up and down with  patch and close the eyes to use it.

3. Comb the eyelash smoothly with eyelash comb.

4. Begin with the center when appy eyelashes,then working towards to the corner. the  eyelashes should be short at front and long at medium and short at back.

5. When applying  eyelashes glue ,it only needs gluing to one-third of the engrafted eyelash, then gently draw it out. there should be not have air on the glue at the root of the real eyelashes.

6. The  eyelashes can not be glued at the root of the real eyelash 0.5-1 mm, and glue the real eyelashes two-thirds.


7. One applyed eyelash should be glued on the one real eyelash, which can not be glued on several real eyelashes.the space of each eyelash being glued should be little apart,otherwise,they should be glued should take about 40 seconds to dry it, then glue other engrafted eyelash successively after they are dry completely.

8. Apply 30-40  eyelashes per eye, and use the drying ball to dry them after finishing gluing the procedure.

9 .Don’t massage your eyes after finishing gluing the engrafted eyelashes and last for about 5-6 weeks.

10. If you want to take the  eyelashes down, please use the professional remover to remove them.


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$13.00Sale Price
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